Advanced In-House Diagnostics

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At Arlington Pet Hospital, we take pride in offering comprehensive diagnostic services that leave no aspect of your pet’s health unchecked. Our commitment to advanced diagnostics encompasses both in-house expertise and collaboration with specialized laboratories.
With cutting-edge diagnostic imaging capabilities, we combine in-house expertise and telemedicine radiology consultations to tackle even the most complex cases. Our state-of-the-art equipment and a wide range of tests allow us to create a precise and accurate picture of your pet’s health.
In addition to our diagnostic imaging prowess, we also offer in-house lab tests. We analyze stool and urine samples, as well as conduct specific blood tests right here at our clinic. However, for certain cases, we collaborate with select outside veterinary laboratories. These specialized facilities possess advanced testing equipment, enabling them to detect and identify abnormally shaped red or white blood cells more easily, aiding in disease diagnosis.
Specialized laboratories also excel in performing tests that may not be easily found on standard ones. For example, they can detect larval stages of parasites and analyze blood smears to identify the presence of blood parasites. By leveraging the expertise of both in-house and external laboratories, we ensure comprehensive and accurate results for your pet’s well-being.
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